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ABELL A-510T Walkie Talkie -Digital 2 way Radio Long Distance (indoor Building support)

RM 780.00

The A-510T digital two way radio offers cost effective voice communications for the busy professional who wants transition to digital. Enhanced productivity features include accurate battery capacity annunciation for challenging environments. Compact and lightweight, the A-510T is built for day-in, day-out reliable performance.

Noise-free clear voice
Advanced Digital Audio Decoder and Digital Audio Error Correction technology, 40 mm diameter loud speaker for noisy situation. 

Efficient utilization, saving the cost
TDMA allows two simultaneous conversations within a 12.5 kHz channel without any interference, which saves cost invested to frequency licenses and repeater systems.

Better compatibility
A-510T is compatible with global main brands’ DMR terminals and systems.

Accurate battery power annunciation
New designed battery capacity annunciating system can broadcast the battery capacity from 1 to 5. Let users know current battery capacity, avoiding any inconvenience caused by low battery in daily use.    

Dual mode (Analog & Digital) 
Analog & Digital mode adjustable, this is to meet different communication requirements.

Digital signaling.
Support DMR standard single, group and all calling.  Killing and other functions are also available.

Allow users to send and receive message.

Long-lasting service time
With TDMA technology, A-510T enhances 40% service time more than Analogue Radios. 1600 mAH battery ensures  long time service. 

Highest Quality Guaranty
Certified by CE FCC