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Casio DR-120R BK Printing Calculator/Heavy Duty Desktop Type

RM 329.00

Product Description:
Dest-Top Type
12 digits
3.5 line-per-second printing
2-color printing
Change function
Next-Generation DR Printing Calculators
Save time! Easy to use! Easy to view!
Improve work efficiecy with powerful functions.
Reprint function
Print multiple copies of the calculation history without re-inputting data.

After print function
It is possible to print later even in print off mode.

Change function
Allows easy caluclation of payment amount and change.

World's First Printing Calculator with Front Lumineous Display Panel (FLDP)
Source : 2017 Casio survey
Wider viewing angle than the previous model

Useful Functions
Item Counter & Averages
Cost / Sell / Margin Calculations
4-key Independent Memory
Mark Up / Mark Down
Change function
Calculate payment and change.
Reprint function
Print multiple copies of the calculation history without re-inputing data.
Tax calculations
Total & Grand Total Calculation

Original 1 year local warranty
Warranty for buttons&screen under manufacturer defects. Unclaimable if item is faulty due to any other Human errors.

Firstly, we do Quality Check on the product before we ship to ensure its in good condition. Under warranty period, item need to be send back to us and we will pass to local distributors to examine the problem. We will send the product to you after they fix the fault.
**Postage is to be borne by customer in the event of warranty claim (2way)**

Returns & EXCHANGE
We accept exchanges within 14 working days for all domestic orders.
Exchanges are only valid for manufacturer's defect.
Postage is to be borne by the customer in the event of an exchange.
All items must be returned in original condition and not changed in any way.
Returns should be sent to us along with proof of purchase. Returns without proof of purchase will not be entertained.

If the product has some faulty in manufacturing process, we will fix to for free.
If customers damage the product and it has faulty, we will fix it at lowest price.